From the beginning of 20th century the Cirulli family, with passion and tradition, engages into ancient art: production of the premium quality virgin olive oil. Love to soil, passion for work and care for its produce are in the blood of the Cirulli family. The men of the Cirully family pay great attention to the production cycle, so the oil produced in the Cirulli factory has preserved its quality over three generations. The cycle encompasses care when the trees are growing to its pruning process, from olive collection to their processing and bottling, at the same time taking into account the care for the soil.
The Cirulli olive plant established in the Andria region, heart of Murgia, in the northern part of Bari, Apulia, is surrounded by a characteristic grove of olive trees with more than 13,000 hectares of more than 3 million nice olive trees producing Coratina olives which provide the oil with qualities that makes it popular all over the world. Our Coratina olive trees later spread throughout Europe, so now it is the most popular variety in the northern part of the Province of Bari

70 YEARS AGO ...

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